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About Us

Theblyde.com is a dedicated platform offering a reliable booking system for self-catering accommodation at The Blyde, River Walk Estate in Pretoria. Our services cater to families, individuals, and corporate clients, both domestic and international, seeking comfortable and convenient stays. We specialize in providing affordable packages and ensuring that guests have access to the best resources for managing their stay.

Theblyde.com is equipped with only the best resources available to manage your hotel or Accommodation listings.

With a dynamic team of property management & professional travel agents who are passionate about travel and delivering excellent customer service, Theblyde.com is committed to helping guests achieve their perfect holidays at affordable prices.

OUR MISSION AT THEBLYDE.COM is simple – to ensure the best possible property management for both you and your guests, each time they stay with us.

612183 The Blyde Riverwalk Estate